A few weeks ago, the McKee family, like many others, spent an evening at New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill to enjoy Night Lights. While the family engaged in all the same activities as any other would during their time walking through the displays, Libby McKee left the Garden with a heart-warming story to tell. Her three year old donated his tooth fairy money to New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill.

Libby recalled on Thanksgiving Day her son accidentally knocked his front tooth from his mouth. A rough start to the holiday, the tooth fairy visited the child later that night, leaving money under his pillow. The family had made plans to visit Night Lights the following day, and despite the cold weather, had a great experience that brightened their spirits. 

While waiting in the lobby that evening, Libby’s son noticed the clear donation bin. He had brought his tooth fairy money with him to the Garden. According to Libby, without hesitating he pulled the money from his pocket and put it in the bin. Her husband explained to their child that the bin was for giving back, and their son seemed proud to have offered his money to the container. 

Despite his traumatic experience of losing a tooth too early, this young child made a meaningful difference in the lives of ma