Entry Garden Path

As those of you who visited New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in recent months are aware, our front entrance has been under construction. We’re very pleased to announce that as of Monday, Sept. 21, the main entrance will partially reopen. Although the Secret Garden will still serve as a secondary entrance to the formal gardens, guests will be able to enjoy our new entry path starting this week. The path reflects our commitment to universal design – providing the same experience for people of all abilities. It also provides a fantastic view across our west meadow to the Wachusett Reservoir and Wachusett Mountain in the distance.  

New Entry Ramp

Because construction is wrapping up late in the gardening season, much of the planting along the entry path will wait until spring. When planting is complete, guests will enjoy a diverse entry garden experience, with plants selected for their long season of interest. Broad sweeps of Itea virginica (Virginia sweetspire), for example, will burst with late spring flowers, stunning fall foliageand colorful winter stems. Along the path, hybrid dogwoods like Cornus Rutgan’ (Stellar Pink® flowering dogwood) and Cornus ‘Rutdan’ (Celestial® flowering dogwood) will frame the view with pink and white blossoms in late spring followed by incredible fall color